About US


Hi, I'm Dani! I am the creator behind Gaia's Radiant Gems

Gaia's Radiant Gems started in the spring of 2016.  At first, I made jewelry to keep busy and as a meditative practice to feel more centered and calmer. I was working two jobs and crafting in my spare time. Making jewelry with crystals brought me a sense of serenity and happiness that I didn't get from my jobs.

As the stock of my inventory grew, I decided to take a chance and list a Multi Color Tourmaline clasp bracelet on my Ebay account. To my surprise, the bracelet was claimed, and I found myself at the post office shipping my first package!  After that, I knew there was a market for my jewelry, I decided to make my dream into my business.

I then began selling regularly on Ebay, but I wanted to reach a broader audience, to build a community that was more personal, so I set up my Instagram account. Instagram has been my primary market for the last 6 years. I am very grateful I took the steps that led me to where I am today. I have met many incredible souls in my journey, the majority of which I have not met face-to-face. 



Mother Gaia's gifts have had a huge impact on my life from when I was little collecting fossils in the creek in front of my house to where I am today. I am constantly learning and growing from her gifts of nature. The passion and love that I have for connecting with our Earth has not diminished. 

Being able to source beautiful crystal mineral and fossil specimen from all over the world for people has filled my soul with a lot of joy. I am honored to be the bridge connecting you and your crystalline desires.

I cannot imagine a life without connection with crystal energy; crystals and their life affirming energy are part of me. I am very thankful for being able to do what I love every day.